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The entertainment industry is not just about talent, but about image.  Branding is done through music, as well as through promotional materials such as press kits, websites and CD graphics.  No matter where you are in your career, just beginning or established, a professional presentation will assist in developing or maintaining your credibility and professionalism.  After years of working within the music industry, The Creative Services Company knows the importance of well-written publicity pieces.  Now with the advent of social media, it is not only entertainers who have a public profile; therefore, The Creative Services Company not only offers artist bios, but corporate bios as well.   The corporate bio, much like the artist bio, paints a picture of experience, skills and personality.  Contact us for a free consultation. 


Artist bios / Corporate Bios (Business Profiles):

$25 for Social Media Profile (125 words)

$50 for Short Bio (250 words)

$100 for Bio / Business Profile (500 words)


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